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grrrr!!!! can someone please help me w/my comment links??!! i want to get them to show up at the top of my entries. also, i want to fix them cuz they're screwing up and they look funny. the links are to close to eachother and in some of the entries it is in the middle instead of off to the side. can anyone help me fix that?? PLEASE!!??
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i am now officially a hose head. WOOHOOO. clap for me -claps for myself-. woohoo. go me. lalalalallalala what the fuck is a hose head anyways? -faints-

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hallo you silly journal.... im so bored ahhhhhh and sick -cough cough- (thats not a sarcastic cough) blahhh somebody save meee i cant talk
if i tried to sing twinkle twinkle little star i'd sound like this:
tw..nkle t....kle lttle sta.. how i wonde.. what you a.. hahahh sreiously thats how i sound lol
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Bored....I am Bored!

Dude I dunno why Im even in this cuz I never remember to update it *LOL* anyways, hows everyone doing!? Im SUPER bored and its only 11:15, so Id be pretty stupid to go to bed that early since tonights the last night I can stay up late!! *LOL* Okae so yeah, I updated on here =) Go Lindsey! *LOL* OWWWW my cat is laying on my hair and I cant move my head! *LMAO*
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