.¬sta·cy» (stacyspacey14) wrote in hose_heads,

new sn

just the most interesting ones........

ll SuCkEr ll: STACY
ll SuCkEr ll: YOU
l 8 iT: ahah
ll SuCkEr ll: ARE STACY
ll SuCkEr ll: lol
ll SuCkEr ll: I LOVE U

x0shhitbrrick: STACY
x0shhitbrrick: lol
l 8 iT: hahah
l 8 iT: ;d
x0shhitbrrick: ahhhhh i love you

MyCatCrook: hi sta(e)?
l 8 iT: sta staaaa
l 8 iT: haha
MyCatCrook: lol
MyCatCrook: u 8 it eh

CaffeinatedEwok: y do you keep doing this to me?
l 8 iT: lol
CaffeinatedEwok: gosh

l 8 iT: hi
Devilish2134: this is?
l 8 iT: it is.
Devilish2134: it is?
l 8 iT: yep
Devilish2134: it is who
l 8 iT: correct!
Devilish2134: who is who
Devilish2134: lmfao
l 8 iT: who is me!!
l 8 iT: lol
Devilish2134: okay really who is this lmfao

mk....... i ...... ate..... it!!!! haha mk byebye
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